Case Studies

As a business owner or the director of a not-for-profit, you constantly must decide how your organization will benefit from any purchase you consider making. If you sell a product or service, you need to tell potential customers how you can help them. A Case Study does just that.

An extended testimonial that is structured like a news article, a Case Study answers the Why and How of the classic Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How questions. Why should a customer purchase what you offer? How have previous customers benefited from it? The before-and-after picture painted in a Case Study provides the answers.

HarpWorks is happy to announce the addition Case Studies to its business writing services. Click here for a sample. When the Bangor Region Leadership Institute (BRLI) wanted to tell potential not-for-profit partners what BRLI could do for them, HarpWorks told the story through a Case Study. HarpWorks interviewed Dennis Marble, Executive Director of Bangor Area Homeless Shelter, about the Shelter’s 2009-2010 partnership with BRLI, and provided the resulting text to BRLI’s Steering Committee. They, in turn, will use it on their website, in mailings to potential not-for-profit partners, in fundraising – however they think the story of BRLI’s year-long involvement with the Shelter will demonstrate the talents BRLI has to offer.

To learn how a Case Study might help your business or organization spread the word about your products or services, contact HarpWorks and start the conversation.

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