Media Kits

A Media Kit is vital to effective publicity for any business or not-for-profit organization. Media Kits are a means of providing news organizations – whether print, television, radio, or digital – with enough background information about a company or organization to write an article. Reporters and editors may use the documents in a Media Kit as is, or may supplement it with additional interviews, research, and writing.

Media Kits allow you to initiate the presentation of your information. If you have a product, program, or success story to publicize, by distributing that information yourself via a Media Kit, not only do you have the chance to decide when and where to share it, you can provide exactly the examples and documents that you believe will most effectively spread your message, toward achieving your publicity goals.

Traditionally done on paper in a pocket folder, Media Kits now increasingly are produced in digital format on CD or flash drive, or as an online resource for editors and reporters. Whether you chose paper, digital, or both, all Media Kits vary in content, according to the publicity needs of a client. Some common elements of a Media Kit are:

  • News Release
  • Company Overview
  • Contact Information and Biographies of Key Players
  • Fact Sheets
  • Graphics and Photographs
  • Recent News Clips
  • Recent News Releases
  • Audio or Visual Files

Remember, the more usable information you include, the easier you make the job of editors and reporters, and the more likely they are to publish your news the way you want it done.

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