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Stephanie is the copyeditor of our monthly statewide newspaper, Amjambo Africa! She is meticulous, astute, and highly professional. I appreciate all she has done to improve the quality of our publication, and highly recommend her work. Stephanie would never do less than her best.

Kathreen Harrison

Editor-in-Chief, Amjambo Africa

I worked successfully with Stephanie from several years until our organization began writing grants in-house. Stephanie remained connected, sharing grant resources or organization partnership possibilities. In 2018, when I reached out to her again, we began right where we left off in our writing relationship, and I realized what I had missed—her articulate and detailed feedback, recognition of subtleties in the use of language in grant applications, the direct communication, timeliness, perceptive questions, and thoroughness from beginning to completion of the application.”

Jamie Silvestri

Program Director/Founder/Art Therapist, ArtVan

Stephanie is an excellent grant writer and, with her help, we’ve had great success. She brings to each application her exceptional writing and analytical skills – dissecting each question on any application so that our narrative is concise, specific, and powerful. We’re grateful that, in addition to all that’s been mentioned, she is a fierce advocate for the theater.

Jen Shepard

Executive Director, Penobscot Theatre Company

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Good Writing Is Good Business